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2017 Lenczner Slaght/CLA Gale Cup Moot takes place Feb. 17-18

February 17, 2017

TORONTO – Lenczner Slaght and the Criminal Lawyers’ Association (“CLA”) are pleased to announce that the CLA will be the new co-sponsor of the Gale Cup, replacing the Canadian Bar Association. 

The CLA is Canada’s largest criminal law specialty association and a leading voice for criminal justice and civil liberties in Canada.

The Lenczner Slaght-CLA Gale Cup Moot is one of Canada’s most prestigious bilingual law school mooting competitions. It takes place February 17-18 at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, with 19 law schools from across Canada participating. The competition will open with a special welcome reception in the lobby of Lenczner Slaght’s offices on Friday, February 17.

"The Gale Cup challenges young advocates at the beginning of their careers" said Peter Griffin, managing partner of Lenczner Slaght. "Our sponsorship allows us to support the development of tomorrow's fine lawyers".

“As Canada’s premier criminal law moot, it was an easy decision for the CLA to get involved.  We are thrilled to be supporting students from across the Canada who are passionate about criminal law.  The Gale Cup has a long and strong tradition of outstanding advocacy and this event gives future criminal lawyers a rare opportunity to put their legal skills to work inside the courtroom.” says Breese Davies, Vice President of the CLA. “

The CLA assists its members in every aspect of the practice of criminal litigation. We develop and host continuing education programs for criminal law practitioners and law students.

In addition to the Gale Cup and other team and individual awards, the McLachlin Prize will be awarded to the best female mooter on Saturday, February 18 at Osgoode Hall. Justice Malcolm Rowe of the Supreme Court of Canada will deliver the after-dinner keynote address at the gala awards banquet.

This year’s case is R. v. Fearon, 2014 SCC 77, which explores whether police officers can search a detainee’s cell phone upon their arrest without a warrant, or whether this constitutes a breach of section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 8 protects individuals against unreasonable search and seizure. In a 4-3 decision, the majority of the Supreme Court held that police officers may search cell phones in this context, provided they comply with certain conditions. In a strong dissent, the minority held that a warrantless search of a cell phone is unreasonable, given the high expectation of privacy cell phones attract in the modern age. Fearon raises fascinating constitutional questions concerning how the Charter is to be interpreted in an increasingly technologized society. It is a decision that law students, as modern technology users, are especially well positioned to argue.

Students taking part in the Lenczner Slaght/CLA Gale Cup Moot are permitted to moot in either English or French, with simultaneous translation provided for oral arguments.

About Lenczner Slaght-CLA Gale Cup Moot

Founded in 1974, the Moot provides top law students across the country with the chance to argue a Constitutional law case before three judge panels hearing a mock appeal from a real-world decision of the Supreme Court of Canada. Judges from across Canada make up the judging panels. Alumni of the Gale Cup include some of Canada’s best known lawyers and most respected legal minds, such as Justice Thomas Cromwell (Retired) of the Supreme Court of Canada, who won the Gale Cup Moot in 1976.

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About the Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA)

The CLA is one of the largest specialty legal organizations in Canada, with more than 1,350 members. We are a voice for  criminal justice and civil liberties in Canada. Our advice and perspective is sought by all levels of government and the judiciary on issues relating to legislation and the administration of criminal justice. We are an affiliate of the U.S. National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers and work closely with The Canadian Counsel of Criminal Defence Lawyers (CCCDL), The County and District Law President’s Association (CDLPA) and other key stakeholders. For more information, please go to

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