Counsel to the applicant in bankruptcy proceedings relating to a mining company. Successfully moved to have the assets of the bankrupt sold, free and clear of gross overriding royalties.

Counsel to Shaftesbury Films in connection with the CCCA restructuring of Allarco, an Edmonton-based media company that operates Super Channel.

Counsel to the GIP Primus, LP in oppression proceedings brought by the Monitor in the context of Algoma's CCAA proceeding.

Counsel to the underwriter creditors in connection with CCAA proceedings relating to Poseidon Concepts.

Counsel to the defendant 407 ETR in a class action relating to the use of the statutory licence plate denial remedy in relation to insolvent individuals.

Counsel in the successful mediation and settlement of multiple Canadian and US class proceedings in the context of an Ontario CCAA proceeding, leading to US recognition and enforcement of the settlement.

Counsel to the Ernst & Young Inc in the liquidation of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.

Counsel for a bonding company in a bankruptcy of a construction company.

Counsel to General Electric Canada in connection with the CCAA restructuring of Northstar Aerospace.

Counsel to 407 ETR before the Supreme Court of Canada in a division of powers case regarding the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Counsel in various proceedings on behalf of Ernst & Young, the court appointed Monitor of Hollinger Inc. and related entities in complex CCAA proceedings.

Counsel for the respondent in a bankruptcy proceeding regarding sections 37 and 38 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Counsel to the Attorney General of Canada in complex CCAA proceedings initiated as a result of litigation brought by the Attorney General and others.

Counsel to Canadian National Railways in successfully responding to an appeal of an order approved transaction in a bankruptcy.

Counsel to an individual in a series of complex proceedings relating to the enforcement of a foreign judgment, bankruptcy, and contempt of court.

In the course of the proceeding, Lenczner Slaght was counsel to the defendant on several trials, motions, and appeals, including in what has become one of the leading cases on civil contempt.

Counsel providing advice to Board of Directors of a public company in CCAA proceedings.

Counsel to owner/developer of landmark condominium project at One Bloor Street East in a complex debt restructuring, including successful defense of attempted pre-arranged sale by receiver to the purchaser of the mortgage debt.

Counsel to a sponsor in wide ranging and innovative restructuring of asset backed commercial paper in Canada.

Counsel to Nortel Networks Corporation in several Canadian and US class action proceedings relating to alleged misrepresentations, accounting negligence and violation of securities law.

Canadian counsel to Calpine Corporation in the complex, cross-border Calpine insolvency proceeding which included CCAA proceedings in Alberta and simultaneous Chapter 11 proceedings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. At the time of filing, Calpine was the sixth largest case to file Chapter 11 in U.S. restructuring history and one of the largest CCAA proceedings in Canadian restructuring history.

Counsel to a creditor in complex insolvency/receivership matter regarding the priority of secured creditors' interests.

Counsel to the Court-appointed inspector, Ernst & Young, in proceedings relating to Hollinger Inc.  Included a successful motion and appeal to examine a witness under oath, in face of an argument that it violated constitutional rights which protected self-incrimination.

Counsel in an appeal regarding the discretion of the court to restrict the ability of a trustee in bankruptcy to provide the inspectors and creditors of the bankrupt estate with access to books, records and other documents of the bankrupt.

Counsel to the Board of Directors of Stelco during the CCAA restructuring.

Counsel on motion by a creditor in CCAA proceedings to be included in court ordered mediation process.

Counsel to a property owner with a restrictive covenant to protect rights as against vesting order in a CCAA restructuring.

Counsel to the monitor in a complex insolvency proceeding involving a myriad of cross-border issues and over 100 interlocutory motions and other contested matters. Lenczner Slaght managed the creditor claims process, which involved the administration and coordination of the adjudication of hundreds of proven claims against Air Canada, with an aggregate value of CAD $8 billion.

Counsel to a US parent company in cross-border insolvency proceedings respecting priority of the parent's inter-company claim/re-registration of lapsed security.

Counsel to the Monitor in a major restructuring proceeding involving an international telecommunications company.

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Counsel to the senior secured creditor in a CCAA/receivership proceeding involving a mining company.

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Counsel to former auditors in claims against and arising from insolvency of life insurance company.

Representation of senior secured creditor/other claimants in CCAA proceedings and subsequent insolvency administration.

Counsel to a major creditor in a CCAA restructuring proceeding involving an automotive parts manufacturer.

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Counsel to Molson Inc., a creditor and significant customer of Consumers Packaging Inc., a large Canadian glass bottle manufacturing company, in an application, and on appeal, for court approval of the sale of certain assets of CPI within a CCAA restructuring proceeding where the assets of the company were ordered to be sold.

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Counsel on a successful motion for payment of a success fee to an investment advisor for conducting a marketing process undertaken by the Receiver.

Counsel to the parent corporation in a CCAA restructuring proceeding involving Canada's second-largest chain of motion picture theatres.

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Counsel to Canwest Publishing, Inc. in Canadian class proceeding in which plaintiffs alleged copyright infringement in respect of all electronic news and journalistic published content. Successfully resolved proceeding and coordinated first certification for settlement approval and settlement approval of a Canadian class proceeding within the context of an ongoing CCAA proceeding.

Counsel to a contingent creditor who obtained an order effectively lifting the stay of proceedings in an application made under the CCAA to allow actions involving the applicant to proceed to trial.

Counsel to the board of directors in the insolvency proceedings of a TSE-listed telecom initiated by the senior secured lender. 

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Counsel for Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada in an application and appeal for declaratory relief arising out of a proposed class action commenced by the Ontario Flu-Cured Tobacco Growers' Marketing Board and its impact on the obligations of Imperial Tobacco under a settlement agreement relating to allegations of tobacco smuggling.