Counsel to the respondent insurer in an application regarding coverage under a title insurance policy.

Counsel in a dispute over historical insurance coverage for environmental damage in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Counsel to successful appellant/respondent on cross-appeal in setting aside a finding of coverage under a directors' and officers' liability policy.

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Counsel to the plaintiffs/appellants in an appeal regarding the deductibility of a non-pecuniary benefit under an automobile policy of insurance.

Counsel to the successful appellants in an appeal concerning the limitation period for a claim against an insurer for allegedly delaying settlement of the claims of third parties against its insured and failing to pay the policy limits into an interest-bearing account to accrue for the benefit of the third parties.

Counsel for successful appellant on matter regarding the proper interpretation of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule of the Insurance Act and the scope of judicial review of decisions made in that context.

Counsel for the insured Lafarge Inc in an action arising out of a complicated product liability, negligence insurance coverage action. The decision addressed a wide range of primary and excess insurance issues, and set new precedents in the insurance industry.

Counsel for the insured in an application and appeal concerning insurer's duty to investigate and defend claims arising from the historical release of contamination pursuant to historical insurance policies.

Counsel in the defence of an insurance claim at trial on the basis of arson and misrepresentation. Successful in having trial judgment set aside on appeal due to failure of trial judge to make vital credibility findings.

Successful response to an appeal with respect to the dismissal of an application by an insurer for a declaration defining and limiting the scope of a "Rip and Tear" exclusion in an insurance contract in a case of extensive property damage.

Counsel for the Canada Life Assurance Co in a dispute surrounding the interpretation of an indemnity provision in an agreement for purchase and sale.

Counsel in a successful proceeding to obtain declaratory relief for coverage under liability insurance policy.

Counsel in an appeal of an insurance application concerning the obligation of the insurer to defend claim of intentional discrimination.

Counsel a large insurance company in a class proceeding.

Counsel at trial and appeal for Lombard General Insurance Company of Canada regarding the claims of equitable restitution and contribution for losses arising from a fire in a Toronto apartment building.

Counsel to the primary insurer, ACE INA Insurance, in an appeal concerning the issue as to whether an excess insurer has an equitable duty to contribute to defence costs paid by the primary insurer before the primary policy is exhausted.