Patrick Healy


Patrick* honed his extensive skills during his Ph.D. program in medieval history at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland where he also taught, as well as teaching at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford. Relying on his academic background, Patrick finds§ ways to make persuasive arguments for his clients, paying careful attention to recent and future developments in the law. He has a keen eye for the facts that will present a case in its strongest light and provides answers to legal problems for clients in a myriad of areas, including class action proceedings, commercial contracts, shareholder disputes, securities regulation, patent law, and partnership law. .



Patrick Healy

is a lawyer at Lenczner Slaght.

Patrick’s diverse practice ranges from copyright law, to fiduciary and partnership law, and to insurance and professional liability matters. With an extensive background in many areas of private law, Patrick has a special interest in disputes involving fiduciary obligations, and the rights and duties of the parties to a contract.

Prior to joining Lenczner Slaght, Patrick clerked for the judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. At law school, he worked as research associate for Professors Stephen Waddams, Patrick Macklem and Abraham Drassinower, and assisted in the publication of cutting-edge research in the fields of copyright law and human rights. In his previous career, Patrick taught medieval history at Trinity College, Dublin, and at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

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