Professional Development & Mentoring

Lenczner Slaght provides an orientation and training program for all students during their first week at the firm. We introduce our perspective on the practice of law, with content ranging from an overview of the life of an action to more in-depth discussions of motions, examinations for discovery, undertakings and other litigation building blocks. We also focus on more specific practical topics, such as starting your research project, adding value to a client file and developing your professional "survival skills" – with presentations from firm lawyers at every level.

The learning continues – for students and lawyers alike – through bi-weekly breakfast meetings on a variety of subjects, from substantive legal issues to helpful practice tips. In addition, we encourage our students to attend continuing legal education programs outside the firm, many of which are taught by our lawyers. The goal underlying all of these efforts is to give students the solid grounding they need to shorten the learning curve and achieve success – at our firm and in the profession.

To facilitate the growth of each lawyer's practice and the firm's business as a whole the firm provides training and support in business development which grows and evolves throughout one's career.

Mentoring – Formal and Informal

We pair each new student with a formal mentor whose role is to ensure a smooth integration into the firm and aide in the student's professional development. Each mentor ensures that his or her mentee benefits from a diverse summer or articling experience, including regular opportunities to attend client meetings, pre-trials, discoveries and court proceedings.  Mentors also ensure that students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience in working with a wide range of Lenczner Slaght lawyers.

This mentoring program – which extends to lawyers in their first year with the firm – includes guidelines for both mentors and mentees that are designed to facilitate the relationship.   Parallel to this formal arrangement there is also a very strong informal mentoring process that unfolds naturally as students and lawyers forge connections with one another.