Counsel to Brookfield in an appeal of an arbitral award relating to the rent payable by Brookfield to the City of Toronto in respect of a property in downtown Toronto.

Counsel to a landlord in an arbitration to determine fair market rent over a renewal term.

Counsel in an arbitration concerning the division of profits from a successful architectural firm.

Counsel to the claimant in an appeal of an arbitration decision relating to installation of electrical transformers.

Counsel to an athlete in a successful arbitration before the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada relating to the denial of funding under the Athlete Assistance Program.

Counsel to a provincial government agency in an arbitration relating to a province-wide construction project.

Counsel to the successful plaintiff in an arbitration involving a commercial contract dispute.

Counsel to GE Canada Real Estate Equity in an appeal to the Superior Court of Justice and to the Court of Appeal from an arbitration award over the determination of ground lease rent for a prominent Bloor Street property. 

Counsel to Alfred Wegener Institute in a successful defence of an appeal before the Court of Appeal after obtaining an Order recognizing and enforcing a foreign commercial arbitral award.

Counsel in a successful arbitration to enforce an oral contract between partners of a closely held corporation.

Counsel to a project manager in a series of disputes involving the design and construction of a mining project, including processing and power generation facilities.  These disputes involved complicated engineering, project management and construction issues.

Counsel in an arbitration involving a dispute on a ground lease to determine the fair market value of lands on a fee simple basis, and alternatively, to be appraised as encumbered by a ground lease.

Counsel to successful respondent in an arbitration for breach of contract on behalf of a large debt collection company.

Counsel to the successful 407 ETR in an arbitration and appeal concerning the entitlement of the 407 ETR to raise tolls without the province's approval.

Counsel in an arbitration relating to an accounting dispute between two former business partners.

Counsel to the largely successful law firm respondent at an arbitration involving a partnership dispute.

Counsel to the successful respondent at an arbitration involving a commercial real estate dispute.