Ours is a sophisticated practice devoted solely to litigation and advocacy and supported by a dedicated and highly skilled staff. Our case management systems and technology are of the highest order.

We are involved routinely in complex litigation, in which we have a special interest and expertise. We measure our work volume carefully to be sure to consistently provide our own brand of quality client service. Our associate lawyers are mentored and trained "by doing". We also emphasize that our profession owes special obligations to the public, our clients and our colleagues.

The core of our practice is business litigation including: corporate and securities disputes; commercial litigation and arbitration; complex real property cases; and banking litigation. We have a substantial practice in the defence of medical malpractice actions, for which we are widely known. We are also involved in intellectual property litigation and regulatory and administrative law cases. We are often involved in complex insurance and product liability litigation.

We have established a level of credibility in the courts and with our colleagues in the profession, so that our clients' chances of success in litigation are enhanced.

Lenczner Slaght is a unique practice, in that our work bridges both streams of modern litigation; commercial litigation and tort law. Our history reveals our involvement in the leading cases of the day.