Where* do well-rounded law associates go to become top-tier advocates? Lenczner Slaght. We are focused exclusively on litigation and advocacy, and so are our associates. As a Lenczner Slaght associate, you will attend trials, motions, appeals, arbitrations and hearings before a wide range of courts and regulatory tribunals. Our focus on real-world experience is how the best§ law associates grow into expert litigators. We are looking for associates whose drive, resourcefulness and leadership abilities are already evident in their professional and personal lives. We expect students to have a keen interest in litigation, demonstrated through participation in debates, moots, clinics and other opportunities to begin honing advocacy skills. In addition to high academic standing, we want those who are enthusiastic, engaging, confident, and civil in all their dealings. If that sounds like you, we at Lenczner Slaght will help you get better both inside and outside the courtroom. Our highly experienced lawyers teach by example, encouraging you to learn the basics of litigation and then build your advocacy skills from there. We don’t simply offer students more opportunities to gain firsthand courtroom experience – we insist on it. .

In addition to the articling students who join our firm as associates, Lenczner Slaght also recruits promising young lawyers who have begun their careers at other firms or organizations and wish to have the litigation experience that Lenczner Slaght provides. We offer the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of Canada's most highly regarded litigators. Like everyone at our firm, new associates sharpen their advocacy skills by getting as much experience as possible in the courtroom – acting for a diverse array of clients.

Applications should be addressed to

Lesley Bell
Director, Student & Associate Programs

and submitted online HERE.