Estates Litigation

The division of family assets frequently involves complex, highly charged and emotional litigation. It often results in permanent damage to both family relationships and estate assets. Whether the dispute requires the effective negotiation of a settlement or the intervention of the courts, the client needs representation by a law firm that is respected in the courtroom and known for strategic planning.

Lenczner Slaght's skills in quickly zeroing in on the heart of the dispute, finding the remedy, and strongly advocating for its clients' best interests are unparalleled. Responding to emergencies in high-stakes, high-profile cases that end up in court is our specialty—and we are experienced in handling volatile situations. Lawyers readily refer estates litigation matters to Lenczner Slaght when they need their clients' cases handled with maximum effectiveness, discretion, and speed.

We bring to bear the skills and courtroom experience that we have forged in complicated commercial litigation to estates cases where strength, sensitivity and fairness are important, and preservation of assets is a priority. In addition, our extensive experience in medical cases make us particularly effective in estates disputes involving incapacity and related issues.

Because we focus solely on litigation, other lawyers refer their clients and relatives of clients to us with confidence—in both the result and in the continuance of their client relationships. We also work with our clients' other professional advisors to ensure that no aspects of the case are neglected.