Counsel to Estate Trustee During Litigation of the Paul Penna Estate in a series of proceedings, including two appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal and a contempt trial, arising out of a massive fraud perpetrated by former Estate Trustee in his administration of the Estate.

Counsel to the beneficiary of an estate in respect of an application for a declaration that another beneficiary, who had farmed the parents' land for 25 years, was entitled to receive the farm land and assets, outside the terms of a will, based on an alleged oral agreement or gift.

Counsel for estate trustee and former family physician in a will challenge primarily based on alleged incapacity proceedings.

Counsel for beneficiary in a will challenge alleging negligent payment of a life interest under the Beck estate.

Counsel for beneficiary of a 50 year old trust claiming mismanagement by the Trustee.

Counsel to successful beneficiary in administration of Estate, including stay application and appeal proceedings.

Counsel in an appeal addressing complex limitation issues in an estate proceeding.

Counsel on a motion dealing with the rights of beneficiaries to estate disclosure.