Because Lenczner Slaght's practice is focused exclusively on litigation and advocacy, we don't simply offer students more opportunities to gain firsthand courtroom experience – we insist on it.

As a Lenczner Slaght student you attend trials, motions, appeals, arbitrations and hearings before a wide range of regulatory bodies. Our highly experienced lawyers teach by example, encouraging you to learn the basics of litigation and then build your advocacy skills in the same way they did – by watching and doing.

What We Look for in a Student 

We are interested in well-rounded law students whose drive, resourcefulness and leadership abilities are already evident in their professional and personal lives. In addition to high academic standing, we consider the personal attributes in which your intellectual capability is grounded. We look for people who are enthusiastic, engaging, confident and who conduct themselves with civility in all their dealings.  Not surprisingly, we place a premium on being focused and well organized.

Above all, we expect students to have a keen interest in litigation, demonstrated through participation in debates, moots, clinics and other opportunities to begin honing advocacy skills. We are passionate about what we do, and seeking out others with the same passion is vital to the continued success of our firm.