March 15, 2021

Lenczner Slaght Welcomes Legal Project Manager

Canada’s leading litigation firm is proud to welcome David Cai to the firm as a Legal Project Manager.

David will work on our strategic, firmwide projects and alongside our legal teams on large, complex matters to improve our efficiency and ultimately enhance client service. By combining his expertise in project management and legal technology with his prior experience practicing law, David will bring transformative value to our firm and its clients.

Prior to joining Lenczner Slaght, David worked for one of the world’s top consulting firms, where he managed numerous projects in eDiscovery, contract discovery, contract negotiation management and legal software delivery.

After graduating with a JD from Queen’s University and practicing commercial litigation, David decided to pursue a career in legal technology and project management. He is keen to improve processes and design to deliver more efficient and cost-effective legal services.