October 17, 2016

Activist seeks injunction against Cleveland MLB team name and logo

Monique Jilesen is quoted in the Canadian Press / TSN article Activist seeks injunction against 'Cleveland Indians' name and logo on October 16, 2016.

The Human Rights Commission and Tribunal can take months to rule on complaints, but the Superior Court is much quicker: a court hearing is scheduled for Monday, said Monique Jilesen, lead counsel on the case. The court can order an injunction that would keep the team and broadcasters from using the name until the human rights cases can be decided.

This legal step is just the latest in a push against the team's name, as the United Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ have urged the team to change its name.

"The risk is that it can incite discrimination against indigenous people in Canada, and it's the same with the name 'Indians'," Jilesen said, adding that baseball is a service — it's entertainment — and Canada's Human Rights Act prevents people and corporations from discriminating in the provision of a service.