March 28, 2019

Are screening biases costing your company top talent?

Lenczner Slaght’s anonymized screening process for student recruitment was highlighted in Hadiya Roderique's special Globe and Mail feature titled "Are screening biases costing your company top talent?”.

Read excerpts from the article:

Last year, the firm Lenczner Slaght became the first Bay Street firm that I know of to use an anonymized screening process. Shara Roy, a partner at the firm and cochair of the firm's Student Committee, told me that reviewers found looking at the anonymized resumés “quite jarring” and that it made people more aware of why they were connecting to certain applicants.


But changing the screening process is a good first step in a series of transformations a company needs to take if it really is interested in drawing top talent. Roy concurs: “It has to be part of a broader commitment and a broader change.”