June 23, 2021

Lenczner Slaght Continues to Prioritize Access to Advocacy Internships

We are proud to continue providing students with the opportunity to gain meaningful and hands-on advocacy experience.

Since 2019, Lenczner Slaght has partnered with law schools to fund summer internships for first- and second-year students who are interested in developing their advocacy skills at organizations focused on access to justice and social responsibility. Not only will these internships provide the next generation of advocates with more opportunities to gain advocacy experience, we hope it will help organizations, who would otherwise be unable to afford a summer intern, advance their public interest mandates.

Eight students have been selected for an advocacy internship this year. Each was chosen by their school’s career offices and preference was given to students with financial need and/or those who are first-generation lawyers.

"We were thrilled with the advocacy experiences that the Lenczner Slaght Advocacy Internships have been able to provide to students over the last two years,” says our Director of Legal Recruitment & Development, Natalie Zinman. “Having seen the benefit of this advocacy exposure, we have committed to further funding these valuable internships, which we hope will help our recipients develop their advocacy skills, foster their passion for advocacy, and continue to support the public interest organizations that they are working with.”

Congratulations to our 2021 students!

Peter Arnaudov, Queen’s Law – Kingston Family Court House

Peter will be supporting several judges as a clerk at the Kingston Family Court House. He will provide research and writing support, assist with the editing of judgments, and observe family law proceedings.

Laura Cloutier, Dalhousie Law – Halifax Refugee Clinic

Laura will be working directly with vulnerable individuals, assisting them with refugee claims and other at-risk or humanitarian-based immigration applications.

Meghan Davidson, Queen’s Law – Belleville Community Advocacy and Legal Centre

Meghan will be using her research and analytical skills to support community-based legal initiatives at CALC.

Jane Fallis-Cooper, University of Toronto Faculty of Law – Canadian Environmental Law Association

Jane will be working on a project to support and advocate on behalf of Northern communities that have been highly affected by industrial development projects.

Jennifer Li, Queen’s Law – Belleville Community Advocacy and Legal Centre

Jennifer will be giving back to the community at CALC, where she will serve vulnerable individuals who face barriers in the understanding of accessing legal services.

Erin Masters, Osgoode Hall Law – Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Erin will be supporting the CCLA's prison litigation strategy, focusing on identifying and challenging systemic rights violations of imprisoned Canadians.

Sarah Mohiuddin, Queen’s Law – Belleville Community Advocacy and Legal Centre

Sarah will engage in advocacy-based legal support at CALC, working to engage social justice and provide accessible legal services to the community.

Julia Rottapel, Queen’s Law – Kingston Superior Court

Julia will be supporting two judges as a clerk at the Frontenac County Court House. She will provide significant research and writing support, as well as observe criminal and civil proceedings.