November 24, 2017

Monique Jilesen Appears on the Cover of Lexpert as one of Canada's Leading Litigation Lawyers

Monique Jilesen appears on the cover of the 2017 issue of Lexpert/ROB Special Edition: Canada's Leading Litigation Lawyers. She is also quoted in the article The Anonymous Representive where she discusses anonymous representative plaintiffs in Canadian class action law suits.


The overwhelming norm in Canadian class action lawsuits is that representative plaintiffs must be identified by name and address, says Monique Jilesen, a partner in the Toronto office of Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP. The practice of identifying representative plaintiffs emerges out of the open court principle of Canadian common law, which requires court proceedings to be accessible to the public and the media unless compelling conditions exist to hold them in camera. “Another reason,” says Jilesen, “is that if the representative plaintiff is anonymous, other members might ask how they would be able to know if [that person] can adequately represent the rest of the class.”