May 27, 2024

Recent Canadaland-WE Charity Ruling Example of Anti-SLAPP ‘Misuse’ Says Lawyer

William C. McDowell was interviewed by Law Times, where he comments on the Court’s decision to dismiss the anti-SLAPP motion in Kielburger v Canadaland Inc, in favour of our client. 


William McDowell is a partner at Lenczner Slaght and was also counsel to Kielburger. He notes that, in addition to contacting subjects of media reporting, responsible communication also requires the journalist to adequately investigate the claims related to them.

“A lot of media lawyers kind of skim over that,” says McDowell. “It's not enough just to put the allegation to the target. You have to actually do your best to figure out whether the allegation is true or not before you move on.”