August 27, 2020

ReferToHer™ Expands Beyond Lawyers

Recognizing that referrals are key to achieving business success in areas beyond private legal practice, ReferToHer™ is introducing a new list of experienced female Licensed Insolvency Trustees to whom you can confidently refer work. Click here to view the list!

Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) are professionals who provide advice and services to businesses experiencing financial difficulties and debt problems. Depending on a client’s needs, LITs and insolvency and restructuring lawyers often refer work between each other.

Lenczner Slaght Partners and ReferToHer™ co-creators, Shara Roy and Sana Halwani, comment on why it was the right time to expand the lists beyond lawyers: “Licensed Insolvency Trustees are a natural fit for ReferToHer™. As Court Officers, LITs appear in Court and work closely with counsel to resolve complex bankruptcy and insolvency issues. This work has been amplified by the pandemic. In a traditionally male dominated industry, the women on this list are breaking barriers and diversifying the practice. We are proud to launch this list.”

Gillian Goldblatt, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at msi Spergel inc, adds: “The addition of female Licensed Insolvency Trustees who focus on corporate restructuring is a positive step forward in expanding the options for both businesses and lenders who are seeking reliable advice on insolvency matters.”

We hope that ReferToHer™ will continue to grow organically over time to reflect the Canadian legal market. Visit to help balance the scales on referrals.

What is ReferToHer?

As a bold step toward gender equality, Lenczner Slaght launched ReferToHer™ in June 2019, a series of lists, organized by practice group, of experienced female litigators to whom you can confidently refer work. In January 2020, Lenczner Slaght partnered with McCarthy Tétrault to develop Corporate lists. As referrals are an important part of achieving business success, we hope this program will help ensure that female lawyers are as top of mind as their male colleagues. To learn more, visit