October 7, 2021

ReferToHer™ Expands List Criteria to Enhance Inclusivity

ReferToHer™ is committed to supporting and promoting the advancement of women in the legal industry. Recognizing that it is just as important for senior associates to be top of mind for referrals in order to build a thriving legal practice, we have expanded our criteria for listees.

Going forward, to be added to a ReferToHer list, listees can now be a partner, counsel, sole practitioner OR a lawyer with at least 8 years of experience (i.e., with a Bar Admission of 2013 or earlier).

Sana Halwani and Shara Roy, Partners at Lenczner Slaght and Co-founders of ReferToHer™, comment on the decision to expand the criteria: “We believe this will make the lists more inclusive, particularly for senior associates who are facing barriers to becoming a partner or counsel, and whose practice and promotion opportunities could benefit from receiving referrals.”

What does this mean for ReferToHer™ listees?

  • Going forward, any current ReferToHer listee who would like to endorse an addition to a list, as long as they meet the new criteria, can do so at refertoher.com on the Get Her on the List page.
  • As a reminder, only those who are on a Litigation list can endorse an addition to a Litigation list and only those who are on a Corporate list can endorse an addition to a Corporate list. However, anyone on any list can endorse an addition to a Supporting Legal Areas list and vice versa.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or email litigation@refertoher.com. Together, we can help balance the scales on referrals!

About ReferToHer™

ReferToHer™ is a series of lists, organized by practice group, of experienced female lawyers to whom you can confidently refer work. As referrals are an important part of achieving business success, we hope this program ensures that female lawyers are positioned as equal, available, resources for those seeking legal help. This is a step towards ensuring that, regardless of gender, clients are referred to the right lawyers. Visit refertoher.com to learn more.