November 29, 2021

ReferToHer™ Partners with Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF)

Given our mutual mission to advance gender equity, Lenczner Slaght is proud to announce that ReferToHer™ will be the exclusive matching donor for LEAF’s annual Giving Tuesday fundraiser for the next three years.

On November 30, 2021, we will be matching up to $10,000 of all donations made to LEAF in order to help advance the substantive equality of women and girls across Canada, and all those who experience gender discrimination.

Pam Hrick, Executive Director & General Counsel at LEAF, had this to say about the partnership: “We’re delighted to begin a three-year partnership with Lenczner Slaght, through their ReferToHer initiative, in support of Giving Tuesday. We’re grateful for this contribution, which will continue to grow over the coming years.”

Sana Halwani and Shara Roy, Partners and Co-founders of ReferToHer™, add: “We hope that this partnership between ReferToHer and LEAF will help advance the cause of gender equity. We encourage all ReferToHer listees and supporters to donate.”

Donate tomorrow by clicking here and ReferToHer™ will double your impact!


ReferToHer™ is a series of lists, organized by practice group, of experienced female lawyers to whom you can confidently refer work. As referrals are key to achieving business success, we hope this program ensures that female lawyers are positioned as equal, available, resources for those seeking legal help. This is a step towards ensuring that, regardless of gender, clients are referred to the right lawyers. Click here to learn more.


LEAF is a national charitable organization that focuses on litigation, law reform, and public education. In particular, they seek to advance gender equality by challenging laws, policies, and practices that discriminate against equality. Since 1985, LEAF has intervened in over 100 cases that have advanced equality in Canada. Their cases have resulted in landmark victories preventing violence against women and gender diverse people, eliminating discrimination in the workplace, allowing access to reproductive freedoms, and providing better maternity benefits, better spousal support, and the right to pay equity. Click here to learn more.