January 29, 2021

Scarborough wrestler facing a battle off the mat in his fight to compete for Canada at the Olympics

Zachary Rosen was interviewed for the Toronto Sun's article "Scarborough wrestler facing a battle off the mat in his fight to compete for Canada at the Olympics". 


Apparently it’s all about procedure. Balfour’s lawyer, Zach Rosen, said he will be challenging WC’s decision not to restore his client’s No. 1 ranking and send him to the final Olympic trials.

“Frankly, it’s just unfair,” said Rosen. “The reason Wrestling Canada gave as to why (the wrestle-off) results can’t be considered in Jevon’s ranking was he was wearing protective eyewear during that competition, which they had required him to do as a result of the medical condition that they mistakenly thought that he had at the time. Subsequently, the medical evidence that was provided to Wrestling Canada established that Jevon is not monocular and he’s in no greater risk of eye injuries than any other athlete, and that there’s no reason that he should be required to wear protective eyewear when training or competing.


“(WC) have taken the position that this is an issue that has already been determined when in fact the last time this was considered was back in March of 2020 (the appeal), well before Wrestling Canada and Jevon had the benefit had the medical evidence that he has now,” Rosen added. “I think their position is very technical and I don’t think consistent with how their policies should be implemented.

“The sooner Wrestling Canada can make this right, the better,” Rosen continued. “We hope that they do restore Jevon’s ranking as soon as possible so he can have the certainty of knowing what comes next. They took a lot of time to get Jevon approved to return to training and competition (last year). It took them three months after receiving the medical evidence to issue that approval. So I think any further delay at this point in doing what’s right it’s not fair and it’s not acceptable.”