January 1, 2012

Matthew B. Lerner, counsel to Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, successfully defended against a $2 million claim by season seat holder

In a case arising out of a seat reconfiguration at Air Canada Centre for Toronto Raptors basketball games, Justice Beth Allen of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has found that DLF Solutions Inc. and its principal Mark Michalkoff failed to establish that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment breached the plaintiffs' Personal Seat License by reconfiguring several courtside seats prior to the 2007 basketball season. In demonstrating that the plaintiffs' evidence regarding alleged pre-contractual representations was evasive and inconsistent and, by satisfying the Court that Maple Leaf Sports had in no way misrepresented the amenities associated with the plaintiffs' seats, Lenczner Slaght was successful in defeating DLF's claim in its entirety.