January 21, 2020

Introducing ReferToHer™ Corporate

Lenczner Slaght is proud to partner with McCarthy Tétrault to expand ReferToHer and launch Corporate lists of experienced female lawyers to whom you can confidently refer work.

Working with the senior female lawyers at the firm and other senior women in the legal industry, McCarthy Tétrault has developed lists in the following Corporate practice areas:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Private)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Public)
  • Private Equity
  • Securities & Capital Markets

Under the ReferToHer brand, McCarthy Tétrault will take responsibility for expanding and developing Corporate lists while Lenczner Slaght will continue to expand and develop Litigation and other specialty lists.

Sana Halwani and Shara Roy, partners at Lenczner Slaght who initiated the ReferToHer program say: “We are thrilled that ReferToHer is now expanding beyond litigators to our corporate colleagues. Ever since the launch of ReferToHer, we have received requests for expansion into other areas, and are delighted to work with McCarthy Tétrault to take this important step. The need for this kind of tool to increase gender equity in the law extends to all legal practice areas. Our goal is to continue to expand ReferToHer throughout 2020 and beyond.”

“The idea of ReferToHer came out of Lenczner Slaght’s commitment to diversity and innovation and we are excited to join our colleagues at McCarthy Tétrault in expanding this idea to new areas of practice. This is good news for the public and the profession,” says Managing Partner, Tom Curry. “We are looking forward to measuring the results of this initiative and working hard to deliver positive change.”

Our intention is for ReferToHer to continue to grow organically over time to reflect the Canadian legal market. To “Get Her on The List” for litigation or corporate, please refer to the website’s updated FAQ section.

This is another step towards ensuring that, regardless of gender, clients are referred to the right lawyers. Visit refertoher.com to join Lenczner Slaght and McCarthy Tétrault in balancing the scales on referrals.

For more information, read McCarthy Tétrault’s news release here.

What is ReferToHer™?

As a bold step toward gender equality, Lenczner Slaght launched ReferToHer™ in June 2019, a series of lists, organized by practice group, of experienced female litigators to whom you can confidently refer work. In January 2020, Lenczner Slaght partners with McCarthy Tétrault to develop Corporate lists. As referrals are an important part of achieving business success, we hope this program will help ensure that female lawyers are as top of mind as their male colleagues. To learn more, visit refertoher.com.