August 31, 2014

Lawyer targets Chevron assets for Ecuadorian plaintiffs

Alan J. Lenczner, Q.C. was quoted in the August, 2014 issue of EcoAmericas Magazine regarding Yaiguaje et al. v. Chevron Corporation et al.

"Alan Lenczner is a founding partner of the Toronto law firm Lenczner Slaght, where he is counsel for Yaiguaje et al., the Ecuadorian plaintiffs seeking to sue Chevron Canada following a US$18.3 billion judgment in 2001 obtained in Ecuador against its parent company, Chevron, for oil pollution in the Amazon. Last year the award was cut to $9.5 billion. A graduate of the University of Toronto law school, Lenczner has pursued a trial and appellate practice with emphasis on civil commercial matters, construction cases, professional liability and corporate securities litigation. He lectures on subjects including fiduciary duties and constitutional law, and he has taught trial advocacy at the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall law schools. Since 2011 Lenczner has been the lead Canadian lawyer for Ecuadorian plaintiffs attempting to access Chevron assets outside Ecuador given the dearth of company assets in that country. Lenczner spoke recently with EcoAméricas contributor Celeste Mackenzie..."