April 17, 2015

Peter Griffin retained to act as a Facilitator in review of the First Nations Cigarette Allocation System

The Ministry of Finance of Ontario has retained two independent expert facilitators to lead the formal review.

Under section 87 of the Indian Act (Canada), the personal property of a registered (Status) Indian situated on a reserve is exempt from taxation. In recognition of this exemption, the provincial Tobacco Tax Act (act) and regulations authorize Ontario's First Nations Cigarette Allocation System (allocation system). Under the allocation system, First Nations individuals may buy allocation cigarettes on a reserve, for their exclusive use, that are exempt from Ontario tobacco tax.

The facilitators will engage First Nation communities and leadership, as well as other key stakeholders such as the industry and public health experts. They will gather input and perspectives, and provide options to the government on ways to modernize and improve the allocation system, including alternative approaches that could be used.