February 28, 2020

Seeking a Speaking Engagement? Shout It Out!

Lindsey Bombardier was quoted in Eva Chan's article "Seeking a Speaking Engagement? Shout It Out!". The article discusses how to increase your chances of being considered for a speaking engagement.


Write to Speak

Blog posts and articles are useful ways to get people to know about your areas of expertise (i.e. topics you can speak about). It is not unusual for conference organizers, editors, and journalists to do online research to see who they can approach to speak, write, or interview. This research ranges from discovering who to approach, to learning more about a person, to confirming that she is someone appropriate to reach out to.

Writing can be a lot of work, but it can be a rewarding long-term strategy. Lindsey Bombardier, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Lenczner Slaght, states:

Like it or not, developing original content continues to be an important marketing tool for firms and lawyers. Whether it’s a client alert, post for the firm blog, or industry article, writing can help build a lawyer’s profile. For obvious reasons, writing often makes a difference and can help get you noticed for a speaking gig.

Lindsey shares these three points:

Focusing on timely and relevant content is important. In my world, that means ensuring that our lawyers are writing about precedent-setting cases or cases with novel legal issues and providing their perspective on how those cases will impact our clients businesses. Format also makes a difference. Writing for a business audience (not a lawyer audience!) is best and if you can structure your article so that it can be easily translated into a presentation, do that. And like most marketing tools, consistency is key.

If you are a lawyer with marketing and/or BD support, Lindsey urges you to use those resources. She explains:

Part of our job is to develop content plans, keeping the points above in mind, and to ensure that media and other industry organizations understand the content available and the expertise of any given lawyer. These outlets are almost always looking for content or for speakers – help them, help you!