January 4, 2021

Thank You, Ronald Slaght QC!

After more than 45 years as one of Canada’s leading litigators, Ronald Slaght announces his retirement from the practice of law.

“When my colleagues and I founded this firm and began our adventure, we wanted to achieve two things. First, we wanted to foster informality and inclusivity – an understanding that we were all in this together. We wanted everyone, no matter their role, to have a stake in the firm. Second, we wanted to set high standards for ourselves and for those who followed, while finding joy and satisfaction in the practice of law. It is gratifying to see that these goals have remained hallmarks of Lenczner Slaght, 28 years later,” says Ronald Slaght. “I leave this firm and the profession fulfilled and with lasting memories of these wonderful years.”

Managing Partner, Tom Curry, adds: “Today, we recognize and celebrate Ronald’s extraordinary legacy at our firm and in the legal profession. With four friends and partners, Ronald founded Lenczner Slaght in 1992 based on a simple dream – to practice law to the highest standard. Over the last 28 years, that simple idea has attracted each member of our firm and is reflected in our core values and the reputation we continue to work hard to earn every day. He has led the way in setting standards of excellence for our practice in the Courts, in setting standards of ethics and professionalism, and in ensuring that what he started endures for generations to follow. We thank Ronald for his leadership, congratulate him on his remarkable career, and wish him all the best in his retirement.”

Ronald Slaght’s commitment to excellence, superb advocacy and sophisticated business acumen ensured his leadership among Canadian trial and appellate lawyers.

As the man who wrote the book on civility, Ronald followed the path to success for his clients while fostering true professionalism, both inside and outside the courts. He took his personal standards of civility to the wider profession with the publication of The Advocates’ Society Principles of Civility, which have been endorsed repeatedly in our courts and tribunals and will continue to guide the legal profession for generations to come. For his advocacy and his contributions to the profession, Ronald received both the Law Society Medal from the Law Society of Ontario and The Advocates’ Society Medal from The Advocates’ Society. His legacy will live on through the lawyers who follow in his footsteps at Lenczner Slaght.

Thank you, Ronald!