March 24, 2019

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger says community needs to be patient with judicial inquiry process

In this Hamilton News article, Eli S. Lederman comments on the decision to launch a judicial inquiry into Red Hill Valley Parkway.


But a problem with holding a judicial inquiry, besides the length of time, which can take years, is the high cost. It was one of the reasons that Eli Lederman of the law firm Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin recommended an auditor general review. He said the cost could be about $300,000 and take about four months.

A judicial inquiry, he said, can sometimes take on a life of its own. He cited the Bellamy inquiry into the City of Toronto’s computer leasing scandal that took three and a half years and cost $11 million. He also noted Collingwood’s judicial inquiry into the town’s decision to sell its shares in a public utility company that began last spring and remains ongoing at a cost of over $1 million.