March 22, 2021

Introducing Lenczner Slaght Data-Driven Decisions

Canada’s leading litigation firm is proud to make data-driven decision-making a key part of our litigation strategy with the launch of our new program.

Lenczner Slaght Data-Driven Decisions means that we advocate for and advise clients based not just on our judgment and analysis of applicable case law, but also based on research and empirical data, where it is available.

“Data-Driven Decisions is a comprehensive program to harness data in order to provide exceptional advocacy and strategic advice to our clients”, says Paul-Erik Veel, who leads the project. “Sophisticated clients expect sophisticated answers grounded in actual empirical data, and this program will help us deliver that.”

In practice, our Data-Driven Decisions program means three things:

  • First, it means harnessing available technology and products that make use of data analytics. As the legal technology industry develops, we will be on the front lines, harnessing technology that we believe can provide us with better insights to advise our clients.
  • Second, it means remaining constantly engaged with pioneering empirical research on litigation and advocacy. Legal scholarship is increasingly relying on empirical legal research, and we remain connected to cutting-edge developments from leading legal scholars. 
  • Third, it includes the development of our own proprietary datasets and analytics. We have built and will continue to build our own databases—sometimes collaboratively with third parties, and sometimes by ourselves—that help us give clients the best advice possible based on real-world data. Learn more about our current data projects here

“Data-Driven Decisions is another important step in our commitment to innovation and excellence in client service,” says Managing Partner, Tom Curry. “This program is fun and exciting, and it will take our advice and advocacy for our clients to the next level.”

Learn more about our Data-Driven Decisions program and our current initiatives here.