July 10, 2018

Lenczner Slaght Prioritizes Name-blind Student Recruitment

Our firm is taking steps to address and improve its diversity and inclusion program through a new student recruitment initiative.

We recognize that diversity and inclusion is an issue in the legal industry in Canada, including at our firm. While Lenczner Slaght is committed to unbiased recruitment, we are a work in progress.

This year we are taking the initiative to “blind” student applications. 
We understand Lenczner Slaght to be the first law firm in Canada to implement name-blind screening as part of the student recruitment process.

Student recruitment is amongst our most important hiring initiatives. We hire law students with the hope that they will become associates and eventually partners at our firm. A diverse candidate pool is the first step to a diverse firm. On average, we receive more than 500 applications a year.

In order to accomplish a name-blind recruitment, we are applying a combined automated and manual process to the resume review step of our student recruitment. This will remove only the candidates’ names. All other information submitted by candidates will remain and be considered. Our goal is that this new initial selection system will help address unconscious biases and decrease barriers to entry.

“Diversity is improving dramatically in the law school population, but has been slower to translate into hiring and promotion at Bay Street firms.” says Shara Roy, Partner and co-head of the Student Program at Lenczner Slaght. “We hope that this initiative will be part of a process to remove barriers to entry in the legal profession. We recognize that a diverse group of students and lawyers will make our firm stronger and better able to serve our clients.”

We are undertaking this effort in addition to unconscious bias training for our lawyers and the development of standardized questions for use in a hybrid-structured student interview format. 

Tom Curry, Managing Partner of Lenczner Slaght, says, “Young people are the future. We want to recruit and retain the best, the brightest and the most innovative. We continue to look for ways to reduce barriers to hiring and advancement at the firm.  We are delighted to take this next step to help strengthen the profession.”


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