December 6, 2017

The Fight Against Cleveland’s Baseball Team Name and Logo in Ontario Continues

World-renowned Canadian activist for Indigenous Peoples, Douglas Cardinal, is continuing the fight against the Cleveland’s baseball team’s name and logo.

Mr. Cardinal argues that the team name and the “Chief Wahoo” logo are racist and discriminatory and that using them in baseball games in Ontario is contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code. 

In October 2016, Cardinal sought a court injunction to prevent the team, Major League Baseball, and Rogers Communications, which owns Toronto’s Roger Center and broadcasts games in Canada, from using the “Chief Wahoo” logo in Ontario. His case before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal continues.

The Ontario Divisional Court will hear arguments on this case on December 13, 2017. After trying unsuccessfully to have the case dismissed, Major League Baseball will be arguing again before the Divisional Court that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to hear the case. Douglas Cardinal will be continuing his fight to have his case proceed to a full hearing before the Tribunal. 

Counsel to Douglas Cardinal are Lenczner Slaght litigators, Monique Jilesen, Paul-Erik Veel, Laurel Hogg and Margaret Robbins.

“Mr. Cardinal is confident that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal does have the jurisdiction to hear his case. We believe that Mr. Cardinal’s argument that the name and the Chief Wahoo logo are discriminatory should be decided on its merits” said Monique Jilesen, partner at Lenczner Slaght.