August 06, 2015;  Lawrence E. Thacker

Any action described by the Judge as "novelty on steroids" provides an opportunity for the Court to balance the opportunity to develop new law, with the importance of rigorously applying existing law. This duality arose in a motion in the class action Fisher v IG Investment Management Ltd (2015 ONSC 3525), recently decided by the Ontario Superior Court.

April 02, 2015;  Lawrence E. Thacker

The Ontario Divisional Court has recently affirmed the importance of access to justice as a factor in determining whether to certify a proposed class action.

March 03, 2015;  Lawrence E. Thacker

The Sino-Forest class action has been certified, and leave was granted to bring a claim under the Securities Act for secondary market misrepresentations.

January 07, 2015;  Jaclyn Greenberg

Defendants in consumer class actions should be on notice, following two recent decisions that used consumer protection legislation as a basis to award damages.

October 30, 2014;  Paul-Erik Veel

Canadian Courts have been faced in recent years with a number of class actions in which employees allege that their employer improperly misclassified them as ineligible for overtime pay. The Ontario Court of Appeal's recent decision in Brown v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce makes it more difficult for such claims to proceed as class actions.