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Our private practice* helps clients navigate complex litigation matters involving the public sector and the administrative state. Public and administrative law matters raise special considerations for clients on both sides of public sector disputes. Thankfully for our clients, our lawyers understand the unique dynamics of government and the broader public sector. With a team of lawyers who have a deep knowledge of the public sector and administrative law, Lenczner Slaght knows§ the workings of government. Our extensive advocacy experience covers a broad range of public law matters, from tribunal hearings to judicial review applications to constitutional issues involving federalism disputes and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in hundreds of hearings before administrative tribunals where it’s essential to know the ins and outs of the public sector and administrative law. But our public sector experience isn’t limited just to the courtroom or tribunals. Our lawyers routinely act as both Commission counsel and for parties in commission of inquiry, where they’ve tackled major policy issues. We’ve guided members of the public sector through complex investigations and internal reviews. And we’ve provided advice to both private and governmental bodies on a range of public sector matters. Whatever the issue, our lawyers have the experience needed to guide you to a successful outcome..

Lenczner Slaght's lawyers help clients navigate complex litigation matters involving all levels of government and the public-sector bureaucracy. Our public law practice includes litigation matters relating to constitutional, human rights, judicial review, municipal, procurement and professional regulation matters. We advise clients facing public inquiries, legislative and parliamentary committees, and investigations by ethics and integrity commissioners. We act as counsel for governments, government departments/agencies, and Crown corporations. We also act as counsel for companies conducting business with governments and their agencies, as well as for individuals and organizations dealing with specific regulators and/or overall regulatory regimes.

Our lawyers combine a deep knowledge of the workings of government with expertise in a broad range of relevant areas, from the nuances of judicial review applications to constitutional issues and questions under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. From conducting a successful fraud trial on behalf of a major public sector institution to arguing appeals before the Supreme Court of Canada on constitutional matters, we have the experience and credibility in court to successfully represent clients in public sector disputes. We bring decades of relevant experience to challenging and defending the decisions of public bodies through the courts – and to working effectively on our clients' behalf with governments at the municipal, provincial, territorial and federal levels.

The scope of Lenczner Slaght's public law expertise includes:

  • counsel to all levels of government on the application of current laws and the implications of new or amended legislation
  • litigation on behalf on individuals, organizations or the Crown in matters involving the Crown
  • commercial litigation regarding contractual disputes between companies and the Crown
  • counsel on municipal regulatory matters, including litigation support to resolve disputes before municipal councils or the courts
  • counsel at public inquiries, legislative committees, and ethics and integrity investigations
  • counsel for school boards, universities, hospitals, and charitable foundations