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There is* little more troubling for a successful company than competition law risk. Regulatory investigations by the Competition Bureau and class actions can be devastating to both large and small firms. That’s why organizations facing competition law problems need trusted litigators to guide them through challenging times. For difficult cases, we have no§competition. We provide our extensive experience in advising clients through civil, regulatory, and criminal competition law proceedings. We will guide you through difficult investigations. And when it’s necessary, our lawyers have the credibility and courtroom experience to effectively represent your organization. In addition to our expertise in defending price-fixing class actions, we acted for the Commissioner of Competition in one of the only contested misleading advertising trials brought by the Commissioner in years. That courtroom experience is what distinguishes us from our competition . Whether you need to negotiate a resolution quickly and discreetly or fight tooth and nail to defend your business, we will get you there..

Lenczner Slaght has extensive experience in all areas of competition litigation. We regularly act in cases involving alleged breaches of the Competition Act, including misleading advertising, price fixing, and other conspiracy cases. We also represent defendants in class actions alleging violations of the Act. Our clients include leading multinational manufacturers, auto parts companies, and technology companies, among others.

The breadth of our lawyers' courtroom experience, combined with their deep understanding of strategic business issues, allows our firm to provide effective representation for both Canadian and international clients in the most vigorously contested disputes. For example, we acted for Canada's Commissioner of Competition in one of the only misleading advertising cases to proceed to trial in recent years.

We also assist our clients with matters before they hit the courtroom, in order to make sure they never get there. Lenczner Slaght lawyers have a wealth of experience in successfully guiding clients through all types of regulatory and criminal investigations, including those conducted by the federal Competition Bureau. We also advise our clients on all types of competition law issues, including marketing and advertising programs, business strategies and practices, and compliance programs.