Samantha Hale


Sam * is an associate at Lenczner Slaght with a growing litigation practice. Before joining the firm, Sam sharpened her analytical skillset as a clerk for the judges of the Divisional Court and Superior Court of Justice. When working through complex legal issues, she instills § others with a keen focus on the facts and legal principles that matter most. With an extensive background in legal research and a master’s degree in social work, Sam represents her clients’ interests with both diligence and confidence . As the gold medalist of her law school class, Sam is comfortable performing at the highest level. .



Samantha Hale

is a lawyer at Lenczner Slaght.

Samantha’s developing litigation practice covers a wide range of areas, including commercial disputes, professional liability and regulation, civil matters, and public litigation.

Samantha was a summer student at Lenczner Slaght before she served as a law clerk at the Divisional Court and Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, where she assisted judges on a wide variety of administrative appeals, judicial reviews, class actions, civil trials, and commercial matters.

Samantha received her law degree from the University of Windsor, where she completed a Masters of Social Work concurrently. Samantha excelled academically, graduating as the Gold Medalist and being selected as the Valedictorian of her class. While in law school, Samantha worked as a research assistant for multiple professors, served as the Executive Articles Editor for the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues, and co-founded a student-led initiative discussing access to justice issues.

  • Canadian Bar Association

  • Ontario Bar Association

  • The Advocates’ Society

  • Gold Medal (2018)

    University of Windsor Faculty of Law

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