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Lynne McArdle


Lynne* has extensive experience in various areas of the law including class actions, public law and commercial litigation. As a result of her many years of practice, both in the public and private sectors, she can navigate§ complex legal challenges in a variety of contexts. Lynne expertly uses her understanding of the law to help clients assess their legal problems and determine the best strategy for pursuing a solution. .



Lynne McArdle (she/her)

is Research Counsel at Lenczner Slaght.

Lynne’s practice is focused on legal research, written advocacy, and advice. She uses her thorough understanding of the law to help our clients analyze their complex legal problems and execute the best litigation strategy.

Prior to joining Lenczner Slaght and after starting her career practicing litigation at a large full-service firm, Lynne spent 20+ years practicing litigation for the provincial Crown. 

During her career, Lynne has acted for clients in a wide variety of proceedings including oppression and dissent claims, commercial disputes, various class actions and injunctions, an aggregate claim for the recovery of health care costs caused by smoking, judicial reviews, and the defence of Crown attorneys and police officers. Lynne has appeared at all levels of court including the Supreme Court of Canada.

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  • Ontario Bar Association

  • On the Docket: Cases to Watch (Q4 2023)

    Lynne McArdle provides a summary of our Cases to Watch from Q4 2023. On the Docket: Cases to Watch features a collection of cases, identified by our Research team, that move the law forward in some meaningful way. The cases in this edition are diverse in that they arise in different areas of the law: fraudulent conveyances, securities law, class actions, employment law, discovery, and Crown law.

    Lynne McArdle | December 22, 2023

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